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    When I was a new Christian I was being attacked and no one had any solid advice for me that satisfied my spirit. I asked so now I am a Christian now what, their answers were was standard reply... study the bible, hang out with Chrisitians, and go to church, try some home groups, that was not enough for me I wanted more. I asked God what to do and over and over He said research your question and unpack it. So after 7 years plus of research I asked again now what Lord I have all this information what do I do with it? He said write a book and I laughed and said me? You want me a an ole cowboy who made a livin as a HVAC contractor to write a book? He said yes not to worry I will equip you. Seven years later He was true to His word, He equipped me and I had a book ready to publish. I even sent it out to publishers and got rave reviews. Only I did not have my half to invest in publishing at the time and life put it on hold. After a few years and a couple of moves I was told to write a book on help for breakthrough. So that was when '12 day Trail Ride' was born. God told me this would be the vehicle to launch all my books and to start Lariat Ministries and other visions dreams to be fulfilled.
   Now I have 12 Day trail ride published finally starting to help people and they tell me it has blessed their lives. PTL.
Soon the other books will be published and ready for your read. Below is about who and where I am from... I pray God imparts what you need and has an encounter with you. When it happens be sure to soak, bask in His presence.

   Jim was born way back in 44... that was when God opened a new door. His pappy was a soldier raised in Arkansas and mom was a young native American girl from New Mexico.... life turned for Jimmy when his dad returned home ,,, a new chapter opened and he was adopted by his great uncle. Who had a wonderful family of 3 girls.
   Being brought up in rural Kern County in California and in the Sierra Neveda Mountains at a Pack Station. Where Jimmy single handly fought off cowboys and the cavalry from taking his village, killed a bear when he was only 3,,, ha ha, opps maybe we are mistaken him with Sitting Bull or Davy. Back to the Pack Station. At any rate he learned to ride like the wind and his imagination soared…
   A pack station is a place where people came from all over... So Arnold and Jimmy packed people by horse and mule into the wilderness of the high Sierras to hunt and fish and to enjoy the great creation God had made. Jimmy even had his own grove of the Mighty Redwoods, where pondered God.
    It seemed normal to Jim to have movie stars come and go, even the ‘Sons of the Pioneers’ visited often (he said that he did not know they were stars just folks, it was later in life when he realized who they were). He told us that the sounds of ‘Cool Cool Water’ and ‘Tumbling Tumble Weed’ were sweet sounds in his memory where the cattle and horse range.
    Jimmy grew up riding in parades and going to rodeo and bar-b-ques. Back when they use to roast a quarter beef over an oak open fire. Where Grandma’s tater salad and homemade pickles ruled… remembering sittin around the camp fire listening to stories of old and burn’n somemores. At the end of the season it was time to round up the lil doggies from the high country and ship off the horses to pasture back in Bakersfield at the ranch.
   Jimmy’s Dad (Great Uncle) was a wrangler in the summer and a water well driller contractor in the winter along with ranch’n. This was a versital up bring’n which led Jim to the Navy learning refrigeration. Serving Honorably in Nam from the Pineapple fleet from Pearl Harbor. He does not like to mention he was decorated and received accommodations for service that above the call of duty.
    After his hitch on the blue waters of the Pacific he worked and rodeo’d a little and danc’d a little to much, he said it was a time of wilder horses and faster women, or was that faster horses and wilder women, never the less he sowed a few oats. He did manage to settle enough to foal two great young’ns a girl and boy. He says there isn’t a day go by he doesn’t reminisce bouncing them on his knee and prays for them and the grand kids.
    After a many of life’s adventures and choices it was a long time a comin… a suddenly came and he married the dream girl of his life long search, Janet. He says she walks and talks like angel, so she must be one. She being from the Ohio and a missionary who went to Africa 3 times. This prepared her to expect in God. That is when Jesus managed to lasso him and deliver Jim to Janet in Tennessee where they were hitched. Now they are happily ever after with God in Redding Ca. area. Where they love to hear the likes of Bill Johnson, the Arnot’s, Bill Randal, and Hiedi Baker, to many to mention them all. They love to pray for people and serve in the healing rooms where many miracles happen to numerous to count any more. People come from all over the world which opens the door to hosting and praying for whoever God send to their door. He also writes for the 'Christian Quarterly' every quarter.
    Now Jim writes ever chance he gets, from his life experiences and how they turned out with the intervention of God. He also teaches his old trade HVAC a local institute. 4 hours a day 4 days a week. He serves his wife and God in helping those he can, he said it’s a tough job yet someone has to do it, as he laughs.
    He said the Janet his wife prayed for someone who could understand her being drunk on new wine and in the spirit overcome with holy laughter and now he said he is seen laughing most of the time. Everyone at church says he is full of Ha Ha and says H-A means healing anointing so he laughs as much as possible.
Now Jim is working at being a Philanthropist helping others achieve their dreams... www.thisisit-cashflow.com
Enough about me, read what God has for you from my article and books.
Jeremiah  29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."  When you know the word and it belongs to by you lving it that is when the word becomes ramah in your life, no one can take it away. Just like the Love from God, it belongs to you and it is enbedded in your spirit DNA. No one can take it from you.
Happy trials and trials, wake up expecting miracles and blessing, imagine what you pray for and speak it into the glory to manifest it to reality. You get your true grit from Cowboying up with Jesus, this is what equips you for life living the word.

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True grit is learning to cowboying-up with Jesus